Tenório catches Marcelo leaving Guta’s room and is enraged › newsalarts

I actually like fireplace within the playground, and that can make Pantanal much more attention-grabbing. In response to Notícias da Television, Tenório (Murilo Benicio), will choose up Marcelo (Lucas Leto) leaving Guta’s room (Julia Dalavia), who’s already pregnant with the engineer, the farmer will go after the (till then), son with plenty of cursing.

The screams will get up all of the headquarters and the household will collect to grasp the dialogue. Guta and Marcelo will inform their father some truths and that they aren’t committing any sin. Tenório won’t perceive his daughter’s speech, she’s going to change the topic and return to her room.

What is going to draw essentially the most consideration is that Tenório’s youngest son, Roberto (Cauê Campos), will put all the things he thinks about his father out into the open. The mom Zuleica (Aline Borges), will attempt to comprise her son and can even have left for her: “confederate”, Roberto stated and can get a slap from the daddy. Jeez!

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